Do’s and Don’ts for Handling of Paper Pallets

Paper Pallet

Do’s and Don’ts for Handling of Paper Pallets

Paper Pallet is an eco-friendly structural product for carrying medium duty load during the shipment. 

The following care and attention is anticipated during handling of paper pallet:

  • Loading on pallets should be uniform & equally distributed on entire loading surface of the pallet. Concentrated / Point load is not recommended. 
  • Loading pattern should be in Brick-wall’ form. The first layer (bottom most) is preferred to be placed across the direction of pallet runner.
  • Do not step on pallet while loading/handling.
  • Always lift & then shift the loaded pallet during handling. Avoid ‘sliding or pushing’ loaded pallets as it may damage the pallet.
  • Lift and load one pallet at a time.
  • Overloading of the pallet is not recommended.
  • While handling paper pallet with MHE’s like forklift/stacker/Hand pallet trolley, keep the following things in mind:
    1. Insert fork arms completely in the pallet.
    2. Keep both the fork arms at equal distance from either side of pallet.
    3. Avoid drop/impact/jerk while handling.
  • Paper pallets should be stored on clean, dry, flat & covered roof-top surface.
  • Protect pallet from rain-water and hot/humid environment.

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