Types of wooden Pallets

There are several types of wooden pallets, and they differ based on their construction, size, and intended use. Here are some common types of wooden pallets:

  1. Stringer pallets: These pallets have three or four parallel pieces of wood, called stringers, that run between the top and bottom deck boards.
  2. Block pallets: These pallets have blocks of wood in each corner that provide additional support and stability. They are generally stronger and more durable than stringer pallets.
  3. Euro pallets: These pallets are a standardized size used in Europe and measure 1200mm x 800mm. They are often made from hardwood and are designed to withstand heavy loads.

4.  Chemical pallets: These pallets are designed to meet specific safety requirements for transporting hazardous materials. They are usually made from chemically-treated wood to prevent contamination.

Chemical pallets

5. Reversible pallets: These pallets can be used with either the top or bottom deck facing up, which can extend their lifespan and reduce waste.

6. Double-face pallets: These pallets have a top and bottom deck that are identical, which can make them more versatile for use in different applications.

7. Presswood pallets: These pallets are made from compressed wood particles and are often used for one-way shipping or export applications.

Each type of wooden pallet has unique characteristics and is designed for different purposes, so it’s important to choose the right type of pallet for your specific needs.

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